Everglades Fishing Inshore

Everglades Inshore Fishing – Everglades National Park & 10,000 Islands

Come join me aboard my boat for an Everglades fishing charter that will take you into the backcountry of the Everglades National Park and 10,000 Islands. We will seek some of the most exciting game fish that call the Everglades Home. Depending on time of year, our targets would consist of snook, redfish, trout and the world famous tarpon. We will use a variety of tackle including circle hooks with live bait such as threadfins, pilchards and finger mullet when the water temperatures are warmer. We will also throw my personal favorite the almighty top water plugs in the early morning hours. If you have never fished with top water lures you should definetly ask me about it. The strike you get from a top water lure far exceeds any other. During the cooler months we will be fishing with live shrimp or jigs tipped with pieces of shrimp.

If shallow water backcountry fishing is your game then do not hesitate to book an Everglades Inshore Fishing Charter now!

– Captain Brandon Acosta


Fish You Can Expect to Catch Inshore

This is a fish that can be caught all year round! Florida’s combination of brackish water and mangroves in the rivers and bays makes this the best area for Snook fishing in the world. Depending on the time of the year it will vary where the fish are staging and how you should fish for them. They are commonly known as being a hard fish to catch because they are smart and fast, but in the 10,000 Islands you will find some of the best possible waters in the world to catch Snook repeatedly. Almost any given day depending on the weather you can find Snook and catch a few.

We use anything from Jigs, Shrimp, Crabs, and/or cut bait to catch Redfish. We fish all types of areas for these fish using light tackle, sometimes trolling or casting along the shoreline, in fishing holes and around structures. The Redfish in the rivers and creeks tend to feed better in the winter. Other times of the year they can be found “tailing” on shallow flats, and a well placed line could get you an easy and quick catch.

Winter fishing for the Trout is usually fishing with artificial bait. We will typically fish on some of the grass flats in the rivers and some of the bays surrounding rivers for Trout. The scattered grass flats of the 10,000 Islands are where we will tend to catch a lot of Trout by casting while drifting or polling around on the shallow parts

Once the Spring comes around we start fishing with live bait. These fish, like many of the other fish, can be found on some of the edges of our flats and in white holes in the middle of the flats. We are using light tackle for these fish, so it makes it a lot of fun. Sometimes we will even use a popping cork to attract more fish!

During the Summer you can find Trout on just about any flat that holds bait. A lot of times during the summer we will look for big schools of bait. Fishing around these schools always provides us with a lot of Trout. This is because when Trout get around big schools of bait they create their own feeding frenzy and dropping your own line in their frenzy is guaranteed to catch you numbers of Trout.