Boat #1 – This boat is a 26ft Bay Boat equipped with all the gadgets. Four livewell. Fiberglass Hard Top. Trolling Motor. Cooler Seating. Power pole. Front and Rear Casting Decks. This boat is used for both offshore and Inshore trips. 
Boat #2 – This Boat is a 25ft Bay Boat. Equipped with everything needed to make your day an enjoyable one. Cooler Seating. T-top for some shade. Trolling Motor. Garmin GPS. This boat is used for both Inshore and offshore fishing trips. Capable of fishing up to Four Anglers. 
Boat #3 – This Boat is a 23 ft Bay Boat also equipped with necessary equipment such as Power Pole. Garmin GPS. Trolling motor. Pedestal Seating on front and rear casting deck. Built in Cooler. Stern Seating. This Bay Boat is also used for both offshore and Inshore charters. Capable of fishing Four Anglers. 
Boat #4 – This Boat is a 22 ft Fiberglass Deck Boat. It is equipped for more of a larger group trip. Wide and Stable. Has Wrap around cushion seats. Livewell. Bimini Top over back to take a break and sit in some shade. Large from casting deck. Garmin GPS. Capable of Fishing Six Anglers. Please note this is the only boat in the fleet that is licensed to have more than four lines in the water at one time. There are some limitations on targeted species with more Anglers in the boat. Call or email for more details. 
Boat #5 – This Boat is a 20 ft flats boat. A true fishing machine for avid fisherman.  Trolling motor. Garmin GPS. Trolling motor. Front and rear Casting Deck. No shade. Built in Cooler. Poling Platform for sight fishing. Livewell. Shallow Draft. Capable of 3 Anglers but performs at its best with no restrictions with two Angler.  We use this boat for the backcountry and inshore fishing trips. 

Boat #6 – This Boat is a 16ft skiff. Capable of getting into the tightest of areas. Equipped with Garmin GPS. Trolling motor. Bait well. We use this boat for Access to the smallest and tightest creeks that are hidden in the Everglades. Limited to 2 Anglers only.